Virginia And Csx Announce Landmark Rail Agreement

The parties will continue the final version of the implementation scheduled for the second half of 2020. Funding for the $3.7 billion plan for Virginia is expected to be approximately Amtrak$944 million and a similar amount from existing rail and other public funds, with the remainder covered by regional funds such as I-66 toll revenues; D.C of possible government contributions for work in the city and its impact on the city; possible transportation funds for Northern Virginia`s means of thinking for specific projects, such as. B a flyover of passenger trains near Franconia-Springfield; and the VRE is targeted capital financing. The new purchase of half of the CSX tracks and the agreement on additional slots for passenger trains on the network explain why long Bridge participants have been saying for several months that the new range should be primarily for passenger transport. Virginia transportation officials say the project would reduce traffic congestion on I-95 to a third of the cost of extending a new lane to the Interstate and allow a significant expansion of commuter rail traffic in Northern Virginia, including additional trains through Manassas, which pull rush hour traffic from the busy 6th interstate west of Washington. A Commonwealth study estimates that adding a lane to I-95 for 52 miles between Springfield in Fairfax County and Thornburg in Spotsylvania would cost $12.5 billion, but that by opening day it would not significantly ease congestion in the long run. The agreement will increase reliability and service on Virginia`s railways by separating passenger and freight transportation. The agreement will give Virginia control of 350 miles of railroad and 225 miles of the existing line. The package includes half of the 112 miles before the priority and 39 miles that CSX owns between Richmond and Washington. The agreement also includes the rights of passenger trains over 30 miles between Richmond and Petersburg, 75 miles ahead of CSX`s abandoned S line between Petersburg and Ridgeway, N.C., to finally allow a high-speed train to the southeast, and 173 miles of priority and 186 miles on the Buckingham branch line between Doswell and Clifton Forge for possible international passenger transport. “CSX is proud of the innovative agreement with the Virginia community that advances our goals of safety, efficiency and volume growth, while responding to the public`s desire to increase passenger services to reduce traffic congestion in the I-95 corridor,” said Jim Foote, President and CEO of CSX. “We thank Gov.

Northam, [Virgina Transportation] Secretary [Shannon] Valentine and his team for their leadership in this partnership that will benefit CSX and the people of Virginia for many years to come. In the biggest push in decades to drive trips to the D.C. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and CSX on Thursday announced a $3.7 billion deal to allow the state to purchase 225 miles of railroads and build new railroad upgrades.