Sky Broadband Service Level Agreement

Your choice of broadband package really depends on the speed you need. Faster broadband is more attractive, but you don`t have to pay more than you need, especially if broadband is really unlimited, you can download Skype or play to your heart. If you live near the telephone station to get full profit, Sky Broadband Essential`s average speed of 11MB is sufficient for these things and you won`t be artificially slowed down at peak times. Sky broadband teams have good speeds with reliable service. And for a little more per month, you can get a guaranteed WiFi signal in any room and extended parental control with the Broadband Buddy app. Thank you for choosing hot Spot Broadband, Inc. DBA Sky Fiber Internet or their affiliates (“IFC”). As a customer, your contract with IFC consists of your network service contract (“NSA”) or the acceptance of the signature accused (“SAA”) by reference to the terms and conditions [article #1 below] (hereafter the “standard conditions”) and the service level agreement [point #2 below] (hereafter referred to as “SLA”). The Sky Q-Boxes are equipped with an already built-in Wi-Fi feature, so you don`t have to worry about connecting them to your broadband router with long cables. Once connected, it`s easy to use by pressing the TV Guide button and pressing on-demand features with the red button. You can even sign up for a high-end TV service, allowing you to catch the latest movies, the hottest new shows, and enjoy the frantic Premier League Christmas program. “New stand-alone TV customers only: prices can change for the duration of your contract.

An upgrade will move you to our Sky Signature package, including all your current channels, which will cost you an additional $1 per month for 18 months. The offers you have on your current basic monthly TV subscription may not be added to your new package. Sky Kids: $5 per month. Requires sky signature 25 PM. Installation: new customers: 20 euros; Existing Sky Q customers: £20; Existing Sky-HD customers who update sky Q: 219 USD. 31 days` notice. Sky Kids App: The Sky Kids Pack is available for free. UK, Ireland and the EU, where they are eligible – see Selected content can be streamed and downloaded on demand at no additional cost via WiFi/3G/4G (additional).

Available on registered compatible devices (device and software requirements for and on the App Store or Google Play Store. The app`s features vary depending on the device. To download content, you also need Sky Go Extra Extra 5 extra per month (no extra charge with multi-screens for Sky customers). Downloaded content that displays 48 hours after the ad date, no more than 30 days after downloading, is removed from the device. You may need to download content again if you use more than 5 devices. Compatible devices and software on and on the App Store or Google Play Store. The app`s features vary depending on the device. Sky Broadband Superfast: Available only in Sky Fibre Areas.

An installation fee of $9.95 for the distribution of the router plus a $10 connection fee may be required. Average download speed: 59Mb. Average download speed: 18Mb. Speeds vary depending on the location. You will receive the fastest Sky Fibre service in your area. Five times faster: based on the Sky Broadband Superfast comparison: average download speed (59Mb/s) and download speed (16Mb/s) vs. Sky Broadband Essential: average download speed (11Mb/s) and download speed (0.8 Mbps). Sky Broadband in general: External factors such as internet overload and home wiring can affect speed. Wi-Fi speeds vary depending on the device and home layout. For more information and policies to use and verify your speeds, see Subject to status.

Prepayment may be necessary. A non-standard configuration may cost extra. Prices peuven