Activity Agreement Stirling

The Youth Employment Unit, which is part of the Council`s employability service, includes a number of provisions, including activities officially known as activity agreements. After participating in various programs including Skills Development Scotland (SDS) Next Steps offer, Glasgow Teenager Emma Confidence has increased, and she is now in full-time employment. Street Address: The Highland Council, 84 High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9QN Green Tree Arts Studio is a… Emma met with a local SDS consultant for the first time while finishing workshops for the activity agreement. Emma took the Connect 2 program and felt that even though she had more confidence, she still needed to work on it. The pipeline provides practitioners throughout Stirling with information that helps them in their daily contact with young people (aged 16-24) and provides a clear picture of the range of benefits. The pipeline needs participating organizations to provide regular (quarterly) updates to ensure that the information is relevant and accurate. Our goal is to update the document at least twice a year. Next Steps is aimed at young people aged 16 to 18 and offers unemployed youth intensive job information, advice and advice to help them access a job or training. After a successful interview, Emma was offered the job and appreciates her new job. Emma, through her local council, was transferred to the “Activity Convention” program when she left school.

She suffered from social fear and wanted to improve it. With her career counselor, Emma entered into a Community Jobs Scotland application for an opportunity at the Prince`s Trust, worked at reception and did administrative work. Emma was invited to an interview and her career counsellor supported her during the interview process. The Highland Council Employability Service supports people who… In addition to participating in the activity agreement, Emma turned to Skills Development Scotland (SDS), where she joined the Next Steps programme. We are committed to ensuring that all young people are able to continue to learn, train and care for themselves. We work with organizations and employers throughout the Stirling area to provide appropriate opportunities, support and intervention for all young people, especially those further away from employment. Emma says, “Working with SDS and my activity agreement coach helped me gain confidence to have opportunities and helped me work.” Currently, transfers are made by normal routes (usually through the school or SDS/career counsellor). On recommendation, a detailed assessment of the employability of each youth and the employment objectives identified is developed and an action plan is developed to help each young person take action to get there. She was referred to a Level 2 course at the Employment Fund, a program that supports youth through a number of local training programs on the way to work. At the end of this course, her self-confidence grew and she felt ready to enter her career in administration.

The Youth Employment Plan (YEAP) reflects a strong commitment from local partners, which details deployment arrangements and deployment routes for 16 opportunities. Within the YEAP, there is an employability pipeline (level 1-5) that provides a simple route to help young people work through a staggered process.