Why Does The Uk Want A Trade Agreement With The Eu

In a document published on 27 February 2020, which sets out the UK`s approach to negotiations, it says: “We will not accept any commitment that our laws are aligned with those of the EU.” The UK imports medicines and other medicines from the EU each year worth an estimated EUR 20 billion, with the Netherlands citing the list of exporters in value terms. About a quarter of the EU`s international agreements have been considered joint agreements, as they cover the shared competences between the EU and member states. This means that they have been ratified separately by EU member states and approved at EU level. While the agreements only apply to the EU after the EU withdrawal, some legal experts have suggested that aspects of the mixed agreements could continue to apply. However, the EU said that all agreements would no longer apply. Other agreements are less material, at least for the United Kingdom: the protection of swordfish in Chile or the “procedural rules of the International Rubber Study Group”. Such interests are immersive from what is at stake with Brexit, but at the end of the day, budgetary management must be done. 3. Customs cooperationA free trade agreement would likely include provisions formalising cooperation between EU and UK customs authorities. It would also create a more positive working environment, rather than the inevitable hostility that would be accompanied by a failure of an agreement. Customs cooperation would provide the opportunity for both sides to cooperate on the ground to ensure that approaches are coordinated, that information is exchanged and that the borders between the EU and the UK do not end on the first day.

The United Kingdom has already announced a series of unilateral measures aimed at simplifying tariffs, such as the possibility for importers to delay filing customs declarations by up to six months. However, it would be more effective to coordinate these measures with EU customs authorities. First, the EU wants the UK to adhere to strict rules on fair and open competition. At the granular level, the sheer scale of the management of the “third country” issue is striking. Analysis of the Treaty`s database on the European Union revealed that 759 bilateral EU agreements, important to the UK, cover trade in nuclear goods, customs, fisheries, trade, transport and regulatory cooperation in areas such as cartels and abuses of dominance or financial services.