Transparency Agreement Animal Research

– develop initiatives to improve society`s knowledge and understanding of the use of animals in scientific research. All studies of animal experimentation will be evaluated both from a scientific point of view (by external evaluation committees) and from an ethical point of view. All projects are subject to the approval of an ethics committee and inspection carried out by the Walloon Public Service of Animal Welfare. 1. Make more clarity on how when and why animals are used in research 2. Better communicate with the media and the public on the implementation of alternatives and the reduction or refinement of animal experimentation 3. Give the general public the opportunity to familiarize themselves with laboratory animal research and applicable regulations. B, for example open lab days 4. Talk about the impact of our communication and share the experiences of this agreement, which builds on the work in Portugal, which began in 2017.

A number of Portuguese research institutes met to discuss ways to improve the Portuguese public`s understanding and acceptance of animal research. The meeting brought together representatives from the Faculty of Science and faculty of pharmacy at the University of Lisbon, the Nova Medical School in Lisbon, the Instituto Gulbenkian in CiĆ©ncia, the Instituto de Medicina Molecular and the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. At the meeting, EARA proposed to explore the possibility of developing a transparency agreement that would guide opening up efforts in animal research in Portugal. Belgium is internationally known for its groundbreaking biological and biomedical research and basic research remains extremely important in understanding biological processes and diseases. Unfortunately, even today, animals are still needed for many parts of this research and all new drugs are tested on animals before obtaining human clinical trials. – to provide the media and the general public with appropriate information on the conditions under which animal research is conducted and on the results obtained. – a statement on animal welfare on the institution`s website. BCLAS is a professional and scientific association that aims to promote the replacement, reduction and refinement of the use of laboratory animals, by fuelling reflection, exchanging information, providing information and support to the scientific community, authorities and the public in order to lead to ethical, responsible and qualitative research that will further improve human and animal health.

For more information Liesbeth Aerts, Animal Research Infopoint `32 16 37 67 77 See all the organisations that have signed the agreement so far.