Parkmobile Agreement

Dave Holler1100 Spring St. NW, Suite 200Atlanta, GA 30309Phone: (914) 33.53. “Site” refers to our website at the 30.6. You and Parkmobile prescribe that you can accept these conditions carefully electronically and that such electronic action constitutes the enforcement of the conditions and creates a binding agreement under the E-SIGN Act and/or applicable government laws or other federal laws. You also agree that the E-SIGN Act applies to the commitment of other electronic measures you take when using the platform or portal. YOU RECOGNIZE THAT YOUR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS ARE YOUR AGREEMENT AND YOUR AGREEMENT AND BE YOUR AGREEMENT AND YOUR ELECTRONIC SUB-MISSIONS, AS YOU GO TO ALL TRANSACTIONS YOU ENTER INTO THE PLATFORM OR PLATFORM, AND INCLUDE ANY AMENDMENT OR UPDATE OF THESE TERMS AND ANY NOTICES OF ANY KIND. 1.8. We reserve the right to change these conditions at any time. Any changes to these conditions will come into effect immediately after publication on our website. Whenever you use the platform or services, you agree that the current version of these Terms and Conditions is applicable and includes conditions that include agreement between you and parking vehicles. The current version of these conditions replaces and replaces all previous versions of these terms.

You are responsible for checking our website for the current version of these terms or reading the current version of these conditions, as it is accessible on the platform. 33.51. “Service Contract” refers to our document entitled “service contract” or any other document with a similar title or may refer to a similar document containing applicable prices, service descriptions and additional conditions, which are written or recognized by you and which contain, in all cases, any current and subsequent changes, modifications or complements that are implemented from time to time after the parties` written agreement. service agreements, but are not limited to an RSA, PSA or ODSA. All service agreements contain these conditions (in the modified version from time to time) without limitation, restriction or qualification. 21.1. They must consider, defend, defend and compensate parking vehicles, their related businesses, their respective representatives, any claim arising from third-party claims or for the following reasons: (i) the substantial violation or vagueness of any of the customer`s insurances or guarantees under these conditions; (ii) substantial violation of any of the client`s obligations or agreements under these conditions; (iii) any breach of confidentiality; (iv) any data breach resulting in the loss or potential loss of personal data or (v) a violation of the law by the customer in the performance of his obligations or the exercise of his rights related to those conditions. 1.4. Your use of the platform, data and all other parking management services or their component depends on your unequivocal consent to accept, comply, follow these conditions without limitation, restriction or qualification.

We offer a variety of services, so sometimes additional conditions may apply. Additional terms will be available with the corresponding services, and these additional conditions will also be part of your agreement with us if you use these services. 33.29. “parking” refers to the customer`s location or location, on-street parking, off-street parking, parking, authorized parking and other facilities where users can park.