Cisco Smartnet Service Level Agreement

ALS is not the only thing that defines each SMARTnet level of service, as all service codes with hardware exchange detail how the hardware is replaced. The options available are a specific delivery by a courier or on-site instillation by a qualified Cisco engineer. Historically, SMARTnet has been sold with a single category or level to cover a group of Cisco products, there were 18 categories of low-end phones and routers and switches that fall into Category 1. This was called SMARTnet Packaged. The last important difference in the various SMARTnet service codes (as described below) is the software authorization offered by the SMARTnet contract. It is therefore important that you first understand your device from a skill and software requirement point of view before opting for your SMARTnet service. The portal offers basic and automated contract management features that help you determine the right coverage for your Cisco devices. While manual methods of tracking service coverage for large or complex networks can take time and be error-prone, SmartNet uses automation to save time and reduce risk. Regular data collection and flexible reporting features will help you manage your Cisco-installed core and service contracts by identifying and tracking what`s new, what`s changed, what`s covered and what`s not.

The next calendar day, from 9.m to 17 .m., if the request is received before 15 .m, the service (including parts, work and equipment) will be provided the following day 4 hours, 9 .m until 17:00 .m. if the request is received before 1 p.m, the service (including parts, work and equipment) will be provided on the same day. For requests received after 1 p.m. the service is provided on the following business day This type of SMARTnet is a good option if you do not need a hardware exchange, but you need to access the corresponding software up to the retrogrades (e.g. B IOS) available for your Cisco device. With this service code, you also have access to Ciscotac`s high-end technical support. To find out if this service is available for your Cisco device, and calculate an instant price for SMARTnet support while displaying all the support options available for this device, click here. For more information about Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service, please visit or contact your local account agent.

You need this type of SMARTnet when your device directly provides Cisco`s “Unified Communications” operating services (z.B. Unity, UCM, UCWL). These support codes provide ongoing support for essential software maintenance (bug fixes/minor upgrades in the current version, etc.). However, to update the app (main upgrade to the next version), you need a UCSS deployment that is not included in SMARTnet.