“how’s Greenland?”

I walked down the hill from the hotel to the harbor this evening, to sit at a picnic table near the docks and relax and have a pipe and a splash of liquor. Dunhill Standard Mixture, picked up in Norway at an exorbitant price, packed into a cheap Falcon Coolway pipe, and a flask filled with Famous Grouse scotch, brought from the Keflavik duty-free store. 

There’s just the tiniest few drops of rain, harbinger of more to come, later tonight and tomorrow. But for now, it’s the perfect amount of barely damp. 

Boats all tied up and quiet for the night. Kids out playing all over town, and especially at the container dock, which is pretty empty right now, and makes a good place to ride bikes, and throw balls for dogs. The concert venue made of shipping containers from last weekend has disappeared; many of the containers left on a small ship a few days ago.

The sign at the entrance to the dock that indicates that children are not to play on the dock seems to be pretty much ignored.

Two boys go past tearing down the hill on a bike with low tires, no helmets, lights, or anything else. Two more boys go past up the hill on a tiny scooter with a bad engine miss. 

Beautiful evening colors, dimming light, and a relaxed, mid-week evening vibe around town. 

Pipe done, I came back up to the room after walking around town a bit, for a dinner of some dried capelin fishes, crackers with Danish camembert and some Tuborg Guld lager. 

People ask, “How’s Greenland”? Which can be pretty hard to answer sometimes. 

But that’s a little of how it is, right now, right here. 

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